How My Friend and I Studied in ISS

Catalina and Cynthya









Catalina (l)  Cynthya (r)

Currently, I’ve been an exchange student in HUFS for almost a year now. When I arrived, coordinators immediately invited me to stay for the summer session in the university. I thought it was a great opportunity to do something useful and fun in my vacation; however, one of my best friends was coming to Korea and I was in charge of showing her everything I knew about Korean culture. Then I thought, maybe the best way to show her Korea was to help her join the program! Then she will learn not only about Korean culture, but about the multiculturalism that Korea is facing nowadays, especially because HUFS is great on dealing with these new issues.

That’s how finally we both took the program, but with different approaches to Korean culture. While I learned mostly about history and politics, she learned about arts and language. This is how ISS can help you, no matter what are your interests, there will be always something that catches your attention and helps you improve your knowledge. At the same time, while you’re learning new things, you’re meeting new people and having fun on weekends, with spectacular trips that ISS prepares for their students.

That’s why I think ISS is the best way to spend your vacation; you will have an integral experience learning and having fun while making new friends in a safe environment. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to explore and live adventures, while making friends from all over the world!

~ Catalina Herrada Forestani, exchange student from University Of Santiago

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