Chewsock Got You Bored?

Chewsock got you bored?

September 18th -19th

During Chuseok, when Koreans are busy with family obligations, many in the foreign community may feel bored and excluded. This festival allows the foreign community to explore Korean culture through 20 screenings of more than a dozen Korean films (all with English subtitles) that have been carefully selected for their appeal to Western tastes and interests. There’s something for everyone: action, drama, horror, documentary, family, short films, comedy, romantic comedy and more! There will also be Korean food and performances by both traditional and indie musicians.

Detailed info concerning ticket reservations, program and concerts can be found on

(Twitter Logo) Angloinfo Seoul / (FB logo) All in Korean: with English subs please.


– supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

– hosted by ART NINE Cinema and ART NINE Terrace.

– created and promoted by All인Korea

Location: ART NINE Cinema and ART NINE Terrace. Isu Stn. (Line 7, exit 7 )



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