Instruction Guide for Newly Revised Fees For All Visa & Immigration-Related Services (Effective January 1, 2014)

The Ministry of Justice and the Korean Immigration Office recently announced this information about visa and immigration services.

The Instruction Guide for Newly Revised Fees For All Visa & Immigration-Related Services

Please note that all fees will be effective January 1, 2014

1. Background for the Fee Increase

○ The current fees for all visa and immigration-related services have been frozen for about 15 years. Taking the annual inflation rate and the rise of labor cost since 1998 into account, it is agreed that the current service fees are set too low.
○ Furthermore, considering that all fess for visa and immigration-related services are determined on a reciprocal basis between two countries, our service charges have been considered too low compared to the fees of other developed countries.

2. Major Details for the Fee Increase

○ In principle, the newly revised fees will be increased up to 100% from the current level of service charges.
– However, the fees for Change of Sojourn Status to F-5 Permanent Resident, (Re)Issuance of Alien Registration Card (including Resident Registration Card) and others will be increased at different rates. Please see the table below for more information.

3. The Effective Date : January 1st, 2014


1. 提高背景
○ 现行出入境管理手续费最终于1998年提高后,约冻结了15年之久。以致手续费明显低于国内物价增长及人工成本的上升幅度。

○ 出入境管理手续费依照各国家间的相互主义原则进行规定。因此,有必要考虑我国现行手续费明显低于主要先进国家等的问题。

2. 主要提高内容

○ 原则上在现行的手续费中提高100%
– 但,变更永住(F-5)资格、外国人登录证(居住登记证)发行·补发等手续费有所加减。







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