Costs (Tuition, Language Class, Dorm)

Mandatory Tuition Fees
(Korean Won- KRW )

Exchange Students Fee-paying students Remarks
Application Fee 100% Waived 100,000
Tuition Fee 100% Waived 2,600,000 All ISS Field Trips covered
Total 2,700,000

Optional Fees: Language Classes
(Korean Won)

  Exchange Students Fee-paying students Remarks
Korean Language 100% Waived 450,000
Academic English Writing 100% Waived 450,000

Regular tuition covers enrollment in two  3-hour courses for 6 credit hours. A student who enrolls for 6 credit hours of theory courses may also choose to enroll in language classes in the afternoon. Only students enrolled in at least one ISS theory course may enroll in the optional Korean language or Academic English classes. Scholarship recipients for the morning classes will also be granted a scholarship for the Korean language classes, calculated on the same basis.

For students who enroll in 6 credit hours of content classes in the morning, additional fees for the afternoon language classes are KRW 450,000 for 3 credit hours.

Students who register for the Korean language class and one ISS theory class will be assessed only the basic registration fee of KRW 2,600,000 for 6 credit hours (plus the application fee).

HUFS students will pay a reduced tuition and application fee of KRW 950,000. All language class fees, and dormitory fees apply.

Independent or post-graduate Korean Studies scholars may petition to register as non-credit auditors and pay reduced fees, based on the number of classes they wish to attend. In all cases, the application fee will apply, however.

Double Room
5 weeks 400,000 Won  

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