Current Situation in Korea (last updated April, 2013)

Dear Exchange Partners, Visiting Students, and Parents,

Thank you for your continued support in International Summer Session in Korean and East Asian Studies (ISS) program!

As you are aware from the media, there have been recent reports of increased tensions on the Korean peninsula.

We wish to reassure you that there is no increased risk in travelling to Korea as a result of this.

We recommend that you and your students follow travel advisory updates on your own government websites and/or information directly from your country’s Embassy in Seoul.

We are not currently concerned about risks relating to the recent events.

The United States Embassy also recently released the following statement:

“From the U.S. Department of State: We have not recommended that U.S. citizens who reside in or plan to visit South Korea take special security precautions at this time. See our unchanged Security Message for U.S. Citizens in South Korea: ”

Perhaps you might also consider asking your university’s exchange students who are currently here with us at HUFS  this Spring Semester and/or those who studied with us last summer /Fall Semester for some further insight, as they are all in constant contact with their friends and professors here.

If you have any  further questions about travelling to Korea, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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