# Visa & Passport

Q. Do I need a visa to attend ISS?

A.  Prospective students should inquire with the closest Korean consular office as to whether a visa is required for a 5-week stay in Korea for citizens of their country.

Most international students do not need to obtain a student visa to attend the ISS. Most students normally carry a C-3 Visa which allows them to stay in Korea within 90 days.

However, it is your responsibility to use your official letter of acceptance to obtain the correct visa, if needed, to attend ISS.

Students who plan to stay longer than 90 days need to apply for Residence Permission at the Seoul Immigration Office within 90 days of their arrival in Korea.

Q. How long does it take to get a student visa?

A. Since it may take anywhere from a few weeks up to several months to obtain a valid student visa, it is very important to inquire with the closest embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea for more information regarding visa application requirements and processing times as early as possible.

# Living in Korea

Q. How much will study abroad in Korea cost for the summer?

A. As a guide, you will need around KRW 800,000 to pay for food, local transport, books, clothing, entertainment, etc, but this can vary according to individual circumstances.

** Estimated Expenses for international students (for summer) **

– Tuition and application fee KRW 2,700,000
– Room (On-campus housing) KRW 400,000 (mid July-mid Aug- 5 weeks)
– Board (Food) KRW 400,000
– Books/Materials KRW 50,000


Q. Can my dorm application be turned down?

A. No. Our dorm office gives new international exchange students and international visiting/fee paying students first priority for dorm rooms during ISS!

Q. I haven’t submitted the Health Examination Form. Is it mandatory?

A. Yes. All dorm residents are required to provide the form before check-in. If you haven’t submitted the form, you will need to take a medical examination at a hospital or clinic prior to your arrival in Korea.

Q. As an officially nominated exchange student, I have received a housing scholarship. Do I still have to pay a deposit?

A. Yes. There is a KRW 40,000 dorm security deposit. And all students should pay the deposit at the time of check-in. KRW 30,000 will be refundable when you check out.

Q. Do I have a telephone and Internet access in my dorm room?

A. Yes, each dorm room has a telephone. And all students have an ethernet port in their dorm rooms. You can use the telephone & Internet free of charge. And HUFS Wireless Network is freely available upon registration (you need to have a HUFS regular student ID card & password to access it).

Q. What else is in my dorm room?

A. Your room has a single size bed, mattress cover, desk, A/C, closet, a small refrigerator, a  shower/sink, and a toilet. You should bring or purchase your own bedding (blanket, pillow), toiletries, hair dryer, etc.

Q. Where can I do my laundry?

A. There are washing machines, spin dryers (water extractors), and racks for hanging clothes, as well as ironing boards and irons.

Q. Can I know about who my roommate will be in advance of arrival? Can my friend and I from the same university ask to room together?

A. Special requests may be made in advance to try and accommodate friends who are attending ISS together. But, normally international students are placed with those from other nations and/or with our own Korean students who are attending ISS. The dorm office is ultimately responsible for all dorm assignments.

Q. I want to live off campus during ISS. Can your office help me find a place?

A.  It’s not really easy to find off-campus housing for those international students who will stay only during the summer, as most landlords in Korea normally rent out their property for more than one year (at least a one-year contract required).

In general, housing in Korea is very expensive (ex. large sums for security deposit + monthly rental fee).

Below are some websites which might assist you in finding off campus housing:

#Early Arrival / Late Stay

Q. I plan to stay in Korea for a week after ISS finishes. Can I stay in Globee Dorm?

A. No. Due to other university programs, Globee Dorm can not accomodate early arrivals or late stays beyond 2014 ISS.

If you are planning to arrive in Seoul before our dorm check-in date (July 16), or to stay after our check-out dates (Aug.15-17), here are links to some rather inexpensive youth hostel type accommodations for short term stays in Seoul:

Seoul Youth Hostel

Kims Guest House

Many more can be found here (depending on what area of Seoul you plan to stay in):

Please make appropriate arrangements and thank you for your understanding.

#Course Registration & Courses

Q. I don’t speak any Korean. Are the courses offered in English?

A. Yes, they are all offered in English.  Please check our program’s website (http://summer.hufs.ac.kr) to get the full course listings.

Q. Where can I get information about the course syllabus and time table?

A. You can download the syllabus for each course you have selected. The syllabus includes the course periods and classroom information. Details can be found on our website.

Q. I want to take both content courses and the Korean language course. How many courses can I select?

A. We recommend you register for just 2-3 courses total if you want to take the Korean language course as well, because it (the Korean language course) is very demanding.

You may register for a total of 4 courses (three content + Korean language), but please be advised that is an extremely heavy course load, and will be very demanding academically.

Q. How many courses are students allowed to take?

A. Regular tuition covers up to two (2) courses (i.e. one content course + Korean language or two content courses and no Korean language class), for a total of six (6) credit hours.

Exchange students and visiting/fee paying students who would like to take more than two courses total should pay an additional fee.

Q. Do we choose the classes beforehand or once we get to Korea? I read that there are limited seats in each class.

A.  The classes must be chosen beforehand in our online system. Once in the online system, you will see a drop down menu list of possible choices for each class period. When each class reaches the maximum capacity (approx. 15-20, depending in the subject), the online system will automatically post a message saying that there are no longer any seats available, and you should make another selection.

#Life @ HUFS

Q. Is there a gym on campus? How much should I pay for the fitness center?

A. Yes, there are two gyms on campus. Globee Fitness Center (located in the dorm building) is open to you free of charge. But there is a monthly fee of KRW 15,000 for the Minerva Fitness Center.

Q. Where can I get my HUFS ID card to use the library and all the other campus facilities?

A. You will receive a student ID card which will allow you access to various on-campus facilities. When you arrive on campus, you need to visit OISS (Office of International Student Services) to pick up your ID card. There is no fee for the card.

Q. Is there a computer in my dorm room? Should I bring my laptop/iPad/tablet to Korea?

A. No, computers are not provided in your dorm room. Computers are available throughout the campus, though, for student use. If you would like to bring your computer, please feel free to do so.

Q. What’s the power voltage in South Korea?

A. The standard voltage in Korea is 220 volts. The outlet has two round holes and is the same type used in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, and many other countries. It might be useful to bring a multi-voltage travel adapter with you. If you want to buy one in Korea, you can do so at a duty-free shop, convenience shop at Incheon International Airport, or Yongsan Electronics Shopping Town.

220 Power Outlet

220 Plug


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