Getting to HUFS

Arrival & Pick-up

Airport Pickup
Airport Help Center Int’l is a transportation company, specializing ‘door to door’ service, particularly for the passengers  arriving/departing at Incheon Int’l Airport.  Our office has contracted with this company to provide you with comfortable airport pickup service. Online reservation is available in English, Japanese & Korean.

◎ Website :
                      Drop-off Location for HUFS Dorm
a. Choose “Dongdaemun-Gu” for the “other areas”
b. Type “Hankuk University of Foreign Studies” for the address
c. Identify yourself as an ISS student on the Special Note section
◎ Languages available : Korean, English, Japanese
◎ Fare : KRW 80,000 (in a VAN limited to 4 people)
The fare is subject to change
◎ Pay when you get on board

HUFS ISO Pickup from Cheongnyangni Station

For those of you who have requested ISO pick-up service on the day of your arrival in Korea, you should take City bus no. 6002  from Incheon International Airport to Cheongnyangni Station .

The boarding points for bus no. 6002 are in front of airport exit doors 5B or 12A   (just after exiting from customs control).

Please click here to see more information about the bus route

You should purchase their ticket at the ticket booth or from the bus staff before they board the bus. (You can recognize them by the official uniform vest they will be wearing and they usually carry a wad of tickets and cash in their hand). The price is 10,000 Won and the trip will take about 90 min..

Please make sure you get off at the correct stop: CHEONGNYANGNI [pronounced cheong-nyang-ni ]. When you get off the bus at Cheongnyangni, there will be one or two ISS student services team members to take you to your dorm. Look for a student carrying a sign saying “HUFS – ISS”.

If at all possible, please give us a call from the airport or from inside the bus (by asking a passenger if you can use their phone to make a short call) to let us know when you are out of customs inspection and on your way to Cheongnyangni.

We recommend that you change the equivalent of at least U.S.$100 at the airport (if you haven’t changed any yet) to cover such expenses as the airport bus fare to the city, food, and your first few days in Korea. There is a bank on campus that handles foreign exchange but banks close at 4:30 p.m. and are not open on the weekends in Korea so please make sure you are prepared.


How to Request Pick-up Service

Please send the following arrival information to our coordinator by e-mail ( ) when your travel arrangements have been confirmed. We need to receive notification from you at least one week before your arrival in Korea.

– Reception Detail: Airport or Port International Passenger Terminal
– Arrival Detail: Arrival Date/Time, name of Airline or Cruise and flight/cruise number
– Accommodation Detail: Please choose
1) On-campus Dorm secured
2) Temporary accommodation required
3) Independently arranged by yourself
– Any special messages or comments

Incheon Airport Line + Seoul Subway (Takes around more than 2 hours)

Take the Express Train from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station.

Get out of Seoul Station and then transfer to the Seoul subway, line # 1.

Click the link below to gain access to the Seoul subway guide. —– Go

Click the link below to gain access to the Incheon Airport Line.

The nearest subway station to our campus is “Hankuk University Foreign Studies Station” on Subway Line No.1.

There are 12 stops from Seoul Station to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (no transfers). It will take approximately 25 minutes total to travel from Seoul Station to HUFS. Our university’s main gate is about a 5 minute walk from the HUFS subway station.

The pictures below with help you step by step to take the Seoul Subway (Line # 1) from Seoul Station directly to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Subway Stop.

Please view each set of four pictures in a clockwise fashion, starting at the top left and continuing around in a circle.

Seoul Station to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies – Subway Line # 1 (Takes around 25 minutes)

#1  Get off the Airport Railroad and up and out into Seoul Station. Turn to the right and head toward the front main entrance of Seoul Station (big glass windows).

# 1

# 2  Just before you get to the main entrance, you will see a map. Turn left and head out of Exit # 2, toward Subway Line # 1.


# 3  Follow the signs for Subway Line # 1. Turn to the right and go down the escalator.


#4  Continue down the escalator to the bottom. Subway Line # 1 is to the right, just past Paris Baguette.


# 5   After purchasing your Tmoney card, enter Subway Line # 1, and head down the stairs.

# 5

#6   At the platform you will see maps. Confirm that you are headed in the correct direction! You should take either Seoyusan, Seongbuk, or Uijeongbu lines. If the train says “Cheongyangni” do not get on, as it will only go as far as that station, and not all the way to HUFS. Just wait for another train. They run every few minutes. The signs above you will show the line in English several times before the train arrives.


# 7  Get off at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Walk up the stairs. Use your Tmoney card to get out. Walk up the street until you arrive at HUFS (less than 5 minutes on foot).



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