Globee Dorm

Rooms for two students (doubles) are available.

Double rooms will be assigned for those international exchange/visiting students who request them.

All rooms are air-conditioned (A/C) and come equipped with the following items:

– Bed, desk, closet, security locker, telephone (free international call available), refrigerator
– Free Internet access (Lan-line / Wifi)
– Separate toilet / bathroom

Please note that only a mattress cover is provided, so you need to purchase a blanket and pillow once you arrive.

Utility rooms are equipped with automatic laundry machines, and ironing boards are located on every other floor.

No cooking facilities are available in our on-campus dormitories.

Medical/Health Examination Form

Due to recent changes in our dormitory policy as recommended by the Korean government, please note that the medical examination must now be submitted prior to arrival in Korea and can no longer be done in country.

You may download the form from our program website:

The direct link is:

The medical form must include your information at the top of the page, lab test results, and your doctor/hospital’s signature/stamp at the bottom.

Hepatitis and Tuberculosis are very prevalent in Korea, so all students (both local Korean students and international foreign students) must show medical proof (ie. lab test results) in order to gain admission into the dormitory.

Please note that students who have not submitted the official signed medical form will not be allowed to check-in to the dormitory.

So, to avoid problems with your housing arrangements, please submit your signed and completed medical form as soon as possible.

Curfew & other dorm rules

There is a curfew system at our on-campus dorm.

Please check this out to find more information about our dorm rules ——————- GO

How to make calls from the dormitory

If you are staying on campus, you are allowed to make phone calls (university, long-distance & international) with no cost.

To make a call to on-campus offices or dorm rooms from your room, you can just dial 4 digit extension.

To make a call outside our university phone system, dial 7,  and the remaining numbers. However, wireless mobile phone calls are not available.

If you want to make a free international call using the dorm phone, dial 7 + 00 + country code + city code and the number you are calling.

Your dorm phone number will be 02-2173-XXXX (Seoul Campus)

Check the extension number (XXXX) for each room —————————— Download

List of countries you can make free international phone calls from your dorm.

Guam, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, Russia (Moscow), Luxemburg, Malaysia, USA, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Singapore, Argentina, Ireland, Estonia, United Kingdom, Austria, Israel, Italy, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Thailand, Portugal, Poland, Puerto Rico, France, Finland, Hungary, Australia, Hong Kong.

* International mobile phone calls to the countries in bold are also available.


Early Arrival/ Late Stay

If you are planning to arrive in Seoul before our dorm check-in date (July 16), or to stay after our check-out dates (Aug.15-16), here are links to some rather inexpensive youth hostel type accommodations in Seoul:

Seoul Youth Hostel

Hi! Seoul Youth Hostel

Kims Guest House

Many more can be found here (depending on what area of Seoul you plan to stay in):

Due to other university programs, Globee Dorm can not accommodate early arrivals before or late stays after 2014 ISS.

Please make appropriate housing arrangements and thank you for your understanding.

Off Campus Housing

If you prefer living independently, living in an apartment, or some other option, off-campus housing may be the right housing choice for you. Every aspect of living, from cooking to doing your own laundry, will be your own responsibility.

However, it’s not really easy for ISS students to find off-campus housing, as most landlords in Korea normally rent out their property for more than one year (at least a six month/ one-year contract is normally required).

Unless you have friends residing in Seoul, your options will most likely be limited to local guest houses, youth hostels, or goshiwons.

Please note that our office CANNOT assist with arranging any off-campus housing.

The following websites may be of assistance:


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