How to Officially Nominate Exchange Students to HUFS ISS (FOR HOME UNIVERSITY COORDINATORS)

1. Online application system: >> Click the banner “Exchange – Online Application”

2. Useful Info. for Coordinators:

Useful Info for Students:

3. Log in ID & Password

a. You can find your institution’s log-in ID online
b. Enter your password in our system
c. Please update your staff (main coordinator, sub coordinators, if any) and all relevant contact information after logging into the system. In this way, we will be able to stay in better contact.

4. Select semester/term/program from the drop down menu (ie 2014 ISS) and check how many slots are available for each program.

Slots for your institution have been opened based on the number of students you have sent to our university for the previous Spring/Fall/Summer Semester and/or according to our MOU. If your university is a new partner, or you have not sent students in the last several years, you may not find your university in the list. If you plan to send more students this year, and would like to request more slots, please let us know! Please note that we are very open with our numbers as long as the exchange balance is eventually kept.

5. Generate Students’ ID and password for your nominated students and give the info to your students.

The students’ IDs are automatically generated immediately after you officially nominate them in the system. The message will appear directly below each student’s name in blue. The students’ passwords will be their birth date (YYYYMMDD). Students must individually log in with their own ID and password, not the coordinator’s ID/password.

6. Advise your students to complete our online application system, save it/ hit the online send button, and print it out.

7. You (the home university coordinator) should send the completed offline printed version, along with all of the required documentation  (housing/medical forms, passport information pages, transcripts, pictures for student ID, etc.) as soon as possible in ONE (1) mailing for all of your students, preferably using some express mailing service which has tracking (ex. FedEx, DHL, etc.).

We would like to avoid delays due to lost/late packets.

**** Please note that your students’ certificates of admission and letters of invitation will notbe sent until we receive the completed offline application packets for all of your students.

** If you or your students experience an error when trying to access to our system or nominate students online, please try again.

The system works ONLY for normal PC users (sorry, no Mac access) and works best in Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. Error messages usually occur when your host system’s Internet connection is too slow and ‘times out.’  Clearing all computer cache and cookies will also fix most error messages.


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