ISS Field Trips


We will visit the Border between North & South Korea at the 38th parallel, look across the DMZ to see North Korea and walk in a tunnel dug by North Koreans to penetrate into South Korea.
■ Destination : Yeoncheon-gun, Kyonggi-do & Cheolwon-gun, Kangwondo
■ Docent Professor : Norman Thorpe

NCKTPA (National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts) TOUR 

Visit the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts to immerse yourself in the world of Korean traditional music!!
■ Destination : Ye-ak-dang Main Hall, NCKTPA, Seocho-gu, Seoul
■ Docent Professor : Hee Sun Kim

Hyundai Motor Company & Boryeong Mud Festival (overnight stay)

Hyundai Motor Co. is Korea’s biggest automaker, with three factories in Korea and other factories in the United States, China, India, Turkey and the Czech Republic. The Asan plant is one of Hyundai’s most advanced, with highly automated production. We will get a briefing on the plant’s activity and learn how cars are assembled, then see the production line. From Asan we will go to the Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach. We will stay in the HUFS resort for the night.

■ Destination : Asan & Boryeong
■ Docent Professor : Norman Thorpe

Damyang & Gwangju Tour (overnight stay)

Experience the Yangban culture of the Chosun Dynasty and the history of Korea’s Democracy Movement!!
■ Destination : Damyang & Gwangju, Jeonlanam-do
■ Docent Professors : Norman Thorpe, Werner Sasse


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