HUFS Partner Institutions

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is a premier university for globalized education, where students from around the world actively foster our prevailing international mindset.

Developed in conjunction with internationally renowned universities and research institutes, HUFS offers extensive opportunities to help students grow to become internationally competitive individuals. The student exchange program at HUFS is designed to develop a global perspective by gaining an appreciation of cultural diversity through immersion in academic and cultural experiences.

The Student Exchange Program is a system in which students of HUFS and an overseas sister university, based on an agreement of credit and student exchanges, study in the other university for a specific period of time and get their credits accepted by their original affiliated university. Students remain enrolled with their home institution and pay tuition fees to their home university. The programs that are undertaken may be credited towards a degree depending on transfer agreements.

If you are a student at one of our partner universities, you may be able to attend 2014 HUFS ISS as an exchange student (ie. for free!!!) or with a substantial scholarship (tuition waiver).

For more information, please contact your home university’s study abroad advisor and tell him/her that you’d like to be officially nominated to attend HUFS ISS.

Check out our partner universities below:


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